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I am the Director of the Computer Lab for the Center for the Study of Complex Systems (CSCS), and Research Professor in CSCS. For some older papers, see the CSCS Papers page. More recent papers are spead over a number of projects, some with websites (Sluce and Sluce22), many without.

Contact info:

  Email:       rlriolo at
  Phone:       734 763-3323
  Fax:             763-9267
  Bus Address: Rick Riolo
               Center for the Study of Complex Systems
               317b West Hall
               University of Michigan
               Ann Arbor, MI 48109

Links to courses pages for CSCS 501 and 531, Fall 2012

  • CSCS 501 - Fall 2012
  • CSCS 531 - Fall 2012

    Playing with Ruby...(m, m1)
    Nop playing catch: frisbee1 frisbee2 frisbee3 Nop enjoys her reward: bone1, bone2, bone3, bone4
    you've heard of truffle is the morel dog: morel 3, morel 5
    and here is nop, the salty dog, showing her sea-legs in 2004: nop-alone-1, nop-alone-2, nop and me 1, nop and me 2, nop and me 3 and in 2003: nop-kayak1, nop-kayak1, nop-kayak2
    Tesla - Free energy for all!; Tesla learning about wine and cheese

    Maria's car (if she can get the keys away from me!)
    Maria's home away from home for much of the next few years... (so i have the bug all to myself!)
    ...where she is learning useful things like how to quickly build a replica of stonehedge
    as a bit of a diversion to fill their spare time during exam week (Dec 2005).
    (the place and students are, if anything, even crazier than depicted in the movie)
    Done with pasadena, Maria went from stonehenge to ice palaces and cities in Harbin, China. (more harbin pics)

    kayak on the 1974 bug; kayak on the bug -- front; our tandem sea kayak
    Sleeping Bear Lake Dune Climb as seen from the lake!
    maria and kayak at bottom of Sleeping Bear Dune Hill
    maria and kayak at bottom of Sleeping Bear Dune Hill (closer)
    S.Manitou from kayak on choppy water
    The kayak in its Shed, 2005-Jan-22 -- is summer just a recurring dream?
    Dreams of ahab? (NB: this is a 2M mpg) (its also a fake, alas)

    Th finishers of the 2003 RideThruHell Double Century (205mi in one day)
    (Merry VanderLinden, Gary Oak, Maria Riolo and me)
    First ride in 2003, 15 March: we had to shovel our way out to the road!
    ...and off we go... and it was the last day the Mill Pond Bakery was open in Munith; but 2007--it is open again on Waterloo Road, at Sugerloaf Lake!
    The big bike trip to Boston (actually to Wellesley) MA, June 2000.
    Another trip, to Mackinaw bridge by way of Lake Michigan shoreline, June 2001.
    first ride on santana in spring 2000
    spring bounty in May 2000!

    My modern re-enactment of Robinhood splitting an arrow -- no kidding, i did it with this bow at 20 meters!
    Another view of the arrows. Closer view of the arrows. Close up. show it was not just a fluke...i did it again, 8 days later!

    Lightning does strike twice--The CN Tower in Toronto--pics i took from our room in the Royal York Hotel.

    giro d'italia 2003 giro d'italia 2004 giro d'italia 2005(stage reports). giro d'italia 2006.
    giro d'italia 2007 (in english), giro d'italia 2008 (in english)
    cycling tv

  • bike bis

    my off-duty self...

  • corn cam -- the irony of the www!
  • Old Faithful Cam!
  • The Museum of Jurassic Technology

    with a suspicious looking bunch... (if you look close at the picture in the picture, you can several of us, including Bill Hamilton, circa 1988). In memory of Bill Hamilton.

    michigan radio

    Your horoscope (from Weird Al Yankovic):
    The stars predict tomorrow you'll wake up, do a bunch of stuff, and then go back to sleep.

    Proust's advice when you are "...dispirited after a dreary day with the prospect of a depressing morrow..." -- have a cookie!

    What are Complex Systems Studies useful for?

    Perhaps we have not succeeded in answering all of your questions. The answers we have found only serve to raise a whole set of new questions. In some ways you may feel as confused as ever, but we hope you are confused on a higher level and about more important things.
    -- Adapted from a letter to Tom and Ray Magliozzi
    (See also my 30 seconds of fame on CarTalk here.)

    Complex Adaptive Systems Pointers

    Follow the CSCS pages to lots of interesting pages...
  • CSCS home page.
  • CSCS Courses (including CSCS 501 - Fall 2012, CSCS 531 - Fall 2012, CSCS 530 - Winter 2012, which I teach).

  • Project Sluce: Spatial Land Use Change and Ecological Effects at the Rural-Urban Interface
  • InterSci Wiki
  • CSAAW - Complex Systems Advanced Academic Workshop
  • csaaw wiki

  • CSCS Computer Lab Docs
  • Old CSCS Doc pages.
  • cscs Events
  • cscs websites
  • cscs wiki's

  • A few general readings in the CAS area.
  • Some Evolutionary Computation references, pointers, etc.
  • A reading list for a Sustainable Mobility workshop at CSCS (June 2003)
  • Guide for Newcomers to ABM in the Social Sciences
  • cas research/people links
  • ACE webpage on Validation of ABM's

  • um phising alerts

  • Old PSCS pages (obsolete legacy pages)
  • cscs website stats, stats in, more stats, and some older stats
  • UM outages
  • UM CourseTools Next Generation (UM folks only)
  • mirlyn proxy
  • wolverine access
  • um directory

  • Swivel
  • pbWiki

  • Festschrift in Honor of John Holland (the online proceedings).
  • Econophysics Forum (The Elfarol Bar Problem, the Minority Game (MG), and more)
  • News item about MG experiments with human subjects at UM
  • online MG

    Swarm pointers

  • wiki at cscs
  • Swarm Development Group

  • Swarm at Torino
  • Swarm course at UCLA.
  • Second part of Swarm course at UCLA
  • SwarmFest Pages
  • SwarmFest 2004 (at CSCS/U Mich!)
  • SwarmFest 2005 -- Torino, Italia.

  • MAML - Multi-Agent Modeling Language
  • Swiee - Swarm Web Interface for Experimental Economics
  • Integrating Modelling Toolkit (IMT)

    RePast and other ABM platforms.

  • Repast (repast-interest mail archive))
  • local repast docs
  • Distributed Repast using HLA
  • Leigh Tesfatsion's Annotated Syllabus for a RePast Study Group
  • MASON -- java based multi-agent simulator
  • Ascape
  • Netlogo (doc page, yahoo group)
  • AgentSheets
  • Agent 2008
  • Agent 1999 - present conference proceedings
  • Arizona Center for Integrative Modeling and Simulation
  • SeSAm (Shell for Simulated Agent Systems)
  • SimPy -- Simulation in Python package
  • SimAgent
  • Brahms -- agent based modeling, bdi based
  • Mega-Scale Interactive Agent-Based Model Simulations on the GPU

  • Common Math Java lib
  • R
  • HDF5
  • RGB colors page
  • The Lazy Way to Linux Screenshots
  • Nimrod computational experiment management tool.

  • SIG Meeting Report: Methodologies and Software Engineering for Agent Systems
  • Komodo -- crossplatform IDE
  • Quicksilver -- tool for building ABMs.
  • Planet Agents ABM portal.
  • Clojure for individual-based modeling
  • Clojure - lisp meets java?!

    Simulation Packages

  • Simulation Software Links (DisEvent)
  • SME -- Spatial Modelling Environment
  • SimJava
  • Visual Solutions Home Page
  • SNET: Simulation Network
  • Internet Simulation-Related Resources
  • C++SIM Home Page
  • Sim packages, NLinear Pointers
  • PowerSim
  • Vensim Homepage
  • High Performance Systems Web Site (Stella etc)
  • Omnet++ DES
  • Systemic Univeristy on the Net
  • Modula-3 Home Page
  • MOOSE, Multimodeling Object-Oriented Simulation Environment.
  • Comparisons between JAFMAS and other agent building tools
  • XRaptor - A Simulation Environment for Continuous Virtual Multi-Agent Systems
  • The SIM_AGENT Toolkit, The Cognition and Affect Project
  • AgentSheets

  • Mathworks (matlab) helpdesk.

    Misc Complex Systems

  • Complexity Digest
  • Links2Go:Complexity
  • The Evolutionary Models in Social Science (EMSS) Web Bibliography
  • Road Maps: A Guide to Learning System Dynamics
  • Complex Systems and Educational Change, Jay L. Lemke (UM School of Education).

  • BT ISR Agent research pages
  • Agent Technology Roadmap (from AgentLink II)
  • James Odell's Agent links
  • Lempert, Popper, Bankes book Shaping the Next One Hundred Years: New Methods for Quantitative, Long-Term Policy Analysis Robert J. Lempert, Steven Popper, and Steven C. Bankes
  • Ant Colony Dynamics for optimization
  • ECJ 16 - A Java-based Evolutionary Computation Research System

    Evolving Art, etc

  • ventrella alife, evolving art, etc

    Misc simulations, modeling and related pages.

  • Xholon - model integration tools
  • Simulation Education HomePage
  • SORTIE paper in Science Online: Scaling from Trees to Forests: Analysis of a Complex Simulation Model.
  • MUSE -- A Multi strata Spatially Explicit ecosystem modelling shell.
  • REM -- Register of Ecological Models.
  • Brooking's Center for Social and Economic Dynamics
  • Sugarscape.
  • Jonathan Rauch's Atlantic Monthly article on Agent-Based Modelling in the Social Sciences
  • Making Sense of Complex Phenomena through Building Object-Based Parallel Models"
  • GA Source code pointers at NRL

  • Unified Modeling language (UML).
  • ECOSIM Urban Environmental Management and modeling project
  • Simulation for Social Scientists -- webpages for the book.
  • UMBC AgentNews

  • Gypsy Moth Modeling Programs

  • The OpenScience Project
  • Simulation software links

  • Sun Grid Engine for Linux
  • Free online course for Grid Engine


  • Sun java docs
  • jdk1.2 api
  • java2 1.4.1 api doc
  • The Really Big Index into java tutorials.
  • CERN's Colt lib of Java Numerical and other classes.
  • Henrik Bengston's Java printf and scanf
  • Ant for java development
  • Java Development Environment (JDE) for emacs
  • Diva visualization package
  • VisAD (visual algorithm development) -- tools for visualization and analysis.
  • SGT (Scientific Graphics Toolkit)
  • Java 3D from Sun.
  • Sun's New-To-Java Programming Center
  • The Sun Java Tutorial pages.
  • A Java Tutorial
  • Java in a Nutshell, 4th Edition
  • David Flanagan's Page
  • Java Development Environment (JDE) for emacs
  • Thinking in Java
  • sjava script tutorial

    Objective C Links

  • Object-Oriented Programming and the Objective-C Language
    (NeXT Computer, 1993, an online version not at Apple)
  • PDF version of the above manual
  • Object-Oriented Programming and the Objective-C Language
    (another copy of the above manual, at Apply)
  • The GNU Objective-C Language Manual
  • Objective-C Home Page
  • Cygnus Support Online Library
  • Swarm's Index of Objective C information
  • Objective-C FAQ
  • Object Oriented Programming in Objective-C
  • A 10-Minute Introduction to Objective-C
  • Algorithms Corporation
  • GNUStep - objcX 0.86 <
  • GnuStep docs
  • The GNU Objective-C Project
  • GNUStep Interface Modeller
  • GNUStep ObjC Class Lib home page
  • GNUStep Info
  • Gnustep Frequently Asked Questions with Answers
  • Cyberdyne Object Systems (Object-Orientation FAQ, etc)

    Evolution, biology

  • Evolution Information
  • the evolutionist (autumn 1996 issue
  • Virtual Flylab
  • Ecology and Evolution page.
  • Without Miracles: Universal Selection Theory (Esp Chapter 2)
  • BIOSIS's list of Zoological and other related bioscience organizations online.
  • Boston Review Articles on Evolution

  • Biosystems group at UCSF

  • The Panda's Thumb

    Tcl/Tk, Icon, Perl, XLispStat, Emacs, Etc

  • software carpentry
  • Perl5 Information, Announcements, etc
  • CPAN: Comprehensive Perl Archive Network
  • The Home Page of Randal L. Schwartz
  • Perl Data Language home page ("stats" for perl)
  • The Icon Programming Language
  • pgperl Home Page
  • WINTERP 2.0 Home Page
  • The Icon Programming Language
  • Concurrent Versions System
  • Patterns Home Page
  • SurfIt!

  • Editors FAQ (Emacs, Vi, Pico, ...)
  • Emacs docs.
  • emacs and tabs, tabify, expand
  • emacs quick notes (more borkware quickies)
  • Unix Reference desk.

  • Cygnus gdb doc

  • LIST network security page
  • Scientific Applications on Linux (SAL)
  • LinuxStart: Applications: Science
  • PLGraph library
  • GTL - graph template library

  • Software Carpentry Project
  • Source Forge
  • CVS
  • Insight -- gui gdb

  • pythonware library
  • Tkinter doc

    Analysis tools (XLispStat, xmgr, etc)

  • The R statistical package
  • Association of Lisp Users home page
  • A comparison of mathematical programs for data analysis
  • Guppi interative data analysis tool
  • MatLinks/Chorus
  • octave (free matlib-alike)
  • OpenDX data visualization tool
  • Xmgr (acegr) web pages.
  • Mathematica Applications Lib
  • mathematic tech support
  • mathematica coursewhere
  • mathematica applications
  • mathematica books
  • MathSource
  • StatSoft Electronic Statistics Textbook


  • web reminders
  • HTML Primer
  • Reference Manual
  • Yale Style Guide
  • How do they do that with HTML?


  • lyx docs
  • squeezing space in latex
  • latex help


  • CNET Linux Center
  • LUIGUI Linux/UNIX Independent Group for Usability Information
  • WebMaker -- html editor under kde
  • some linux security tips and links
  • GNOME - GNU Network Object Model Environment.
  • Enlightenment window manager
  • DCHP how to

  • Tripwire
  • A Sysadmin's Unixersal Translator (ROSETTA STONE)

  • Unix Guru Universe



  • WebMuseum: Bienvenue! (Welcome from the curator)

  • Michigan Shakespeare Festival


  • Interactive Math pages
  • Society for Amateur Scientists
  • GLOBE Student Data Server
  • Logo Language
  • starLogoT
  • starlogo

  • Michigan DNR

  • ESO Solar eclipse 1999 pages
  • NASA/Goddard Solar eclipse 1999 pages


  • My bike!
  • Classics Rendezvous
  • Dave Moulton's blog
  • RUSA -- Randonneurs USA
  • Ontario Randonneurs
  • Audax UK
  • Loose Screws Bicycle Parts
  • Branford Bikes
  • Santana tandems
  • Peter White Cycles
  • Bicycle Times mag
  • precision tandems
  • Velo-Retro
  • Vintage Velos
  • Bikeville (vintage parts)
  • La Bicicletta
  • some tandem related pages
  • search engine
  • tandem talk communication"
  • NADY Motorcycle Intercoms
  • League of Michigan Bicyclists
  • AABTS (ann arbor bicycle touring society)
  • cherry capital cycling club

  • Bicycle Classics, Inc, including Vintage Racing Bicycle Newsletter.
  • Mt. Airy Bicycles
  • Rivendell Bicycle Works

  • Cycling Italia
  • PacTour bicycle expeditions

  • campy timeline
  • Classic Bicycle Parts --

  • Charles river wheelmen links

  • velonews
  • cjsquash online
  • more squashx

  • seaward kayaks
  • BearTooth Outfitters (kayaks)
  • solitaire kayaks, ltd -- cedar/fiberglass
  • perception caretta

    Newspapers &etc

  • London Review of Books
  • New York Review of Books
  • The Irish Times
  • Classics Ireland (including Iggy Pop!)
  • The NY Times
  • Northern Express

  • terra server usa (aerial maps)

    Science News Sites

  • World Science -- free service
  • SOHO satelite
  • National Center for Science Edu.

    Other intersting/useful pages

  • Signature programs
  • The International Obfuscated C Code Contest
  • Google webmaster tools
  • Namebase databases -- graphs of connections between personages

  • USBCC Home Page -- Border Collies!
  • Footrot Flats
  • Car Talk
  • My 15 seconds of fame on CarTalk.

  • This American Life
  • La Pulcina Piccola
  • Andy Hampten and Elaine Lauterbach's Olive Oil.

  • vacation sites in italia
  • vacation sites in italia
  • wine spector
  • g b russo's

  • Italian/English (another entry)
  • Urban dictionary
  • dictionary/thesaurus
  • Verbatim magazine's link page
  • Robert Beard's LMBM and dictionaries
  • Thesaurus
  • Minn dictionary of style

  • UM's ITweb
  • UM Libraries
  • UM spambusters
  • UM Site License Software page
  • UM ADSL service

  • Urban legends (snopes)

  • FAQ on mathematics!

  • Center for Electronic Commeroce (Van Parunak's home page) : Complex Systems and Manufacturing
  • Institute for the Study of Coherence and Emergence
  • CASSEL (California Social Science Experimentation Laboratory)

  • First Monday
  • Alexei A. Sharov page of Ecology/Entomology links, etc.
  • CS Bibliographies collection.
  • James Leonard's art influenced by complexity pages.
  • UM's UROP Undergraduate research initiative.
  • ISR Home page (follow Other Services to their Summer School pages)

  • Hotbot search engine.

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