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Quantitative Biology Seminar

(Formerly the biological physics seminar and the math biology forum)
Supported by the Michigan Center for Theoretical Physics and ICAM.

Organizers: Victoria Booth, David Lubensky, & Michal Zochowski.
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Seminars are Mondays at noon in 335 West Hall (unless otherwise noted). Brown bag lunches are welcome.

Schedule Fall 2013

9/23Adam Stinchcombe (UM Math)Stabilization of the Electroneutral ModelBooth
10/14Fall break: No seminar  
10/28Harsh Jain (FSU)A Model of Ovarian Cancer Response to Combination TherapyJackson
11/11Les Satin (UM Pharmacology)Ca2+ and Metabolic Oscillations in Pancreatic Beta CellsBooth
11/25Andrew Phillips (UM Math)REM/NREM sleep cycles naturally emerge from a mathematical model of human sleepBooth
12/6, 4-5 pm
1300 Chemistry
Andy LiWang (UC Merced)Structural Gymnastics by Proteins make the Clock Mechanism go AroundLubensky

Schedule Winter 2014

1/13Charles Allen (Oregon Health & Science Univ.)The Role of GABAergic Synapses in the Generation of Circadian RhythmsForger
1/27Qiong Yang (UM Biophysics)From molecules to development: revealing simple rules of biological clocksLubensky
2/10Mark Whidden (UM Physiology)Kinetic Mechanisms for Inhibition of Protein AggregationLubensky
2/24Krishna Garikipati (UM Mechanical Engineering)Elasticity and the shape of early tumorsLubensky
3/10Chase Broedersz (Princeton)Keeping it together: Organizing the bacterial chromosome for divisionLubensky/Sander
3/31Amy Cochran (Cornell)Towards model-assisted clinical decisions during childbirthForger
4/21Katarina Bodova (IST Austria)The role of randomness in collective behavior of antsForger
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