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Currently, the only open lab is located in 120 West Hall. This is in the basement of West Hall -- go in the (north) east door in the Arch, down the few steps and on the left, across from "the tank" for testing models of ships and boats.


CSCS Lab Hours

In general, the CSCS Lab in 120 West Hall, is open whenever someone with access is there. The lab remains open until the last person leaves.

If you frequently access the lab (and are an IGERT or CSCS student) and would like access, talk to or email Susan Carpenter in the CSCS office to get your UM card activated.

If you would like to meet with an CSCS system administrator, please contact cscs.admins att umich dott edu to ensure that one will be available, or to just ask your question via email.

2012 Winter CSCS Admins Schedules

Here are the rough hours the CSCS admins will be in the lab:

Philipp Cannons:
T:  6-9pm  
Th: 6-9pm
Mark Champe:
M:  12-2pm
T:  12-2pm
W:  12-2pm
Th: 12-2pm
F:  12-2pm

Biolab Hours

More Important Information About the CSCS computer facility

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