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The following is the CSCS policy for granting users access to the computers and software in the CSCS computing lab. This policy is subject to modification, pending further experience with demand, including the number of users as well as the disk space and cpu usage.

In general, accounts for use of the CSCS computer resources are given only for pedagogical, research and instructional purposes related to the CSCSC mission. To pursue those ends, accounts will be given on request to:

  • UM Faculty and staff
  • Instructors of CSCS courses
  • Students in the CSCS Graduate Certificate program
  • Researchers on projects connected to CSCS
  • Students taking CSCS courses
  • Students in the general UM community

CSCS accounts will remain active for the duration of the user's affiliation with CSCS. An account may be used as long as it is being used for its original purpose -- please contact the cscs admins about using CSCS resources after your formal affiliation with UM has ended.

University Policy

Any usage of CSCS resources must also comply with the University's broader policies. You should review this policy if you are uncertain of whether an activity is allowed:

IMPORTANT -- File Backups, unsupported applications, dotfiles and Webspace

  • Backups

We do rolling 1-day and 2-day backups to disk every night. We are currently saving files to tape once a week (friday night). If you have things you want to backup more often than that, it is your responsibility to do so. Long-term, offsite backups are made every 4 months. Weekly backups stay in system for up to 2 months. See this page for more information about backups (and recovery).

  • Applications

You are responsible for applications installed in your home directory; in most cases, we will not support any such applications (though sometimes we can give basic help with them).

CSCS has installed a number of shared applications. If you need some other software not listed on those pages, we do encourage requests for installation of new applications, so that they can be made available to everyone. If you have a request, please email: cscs.admins at umich dot edu.

Additionally, the only supported shell is bash ( GNU Bourne-Again Shell ): /bin/bash .

  • Dotfiles

Each user account comes with dotfiles ( for example .bashrc and .bash_profile ) that we have setup for general use and tested. Any modification of any dot file is unsupported. Because of the numerous applications supported and the endless possible dotfile modifications, we will not attempt to troubleshoot any login or application problems if your dot files have been modified.

  • Webspace

Each user can create a web-page using his/her CSCS account. These web-pages are to be used in the same manner as the CSCS accounts (for pedagogical, research and instructional purposes as well as strictly personal). Violation of these conditions can result in suspension of your account and/or possibly more serious consequences. To see how to create a web-page on the CSCS machines, see this page. If you have questions about whether or not some use of CSCS resources is appropriate, please send email to cscs.admins at umich dot edu.

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